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10 Best Trucker Songs to Listen to While Driving (+5 Bonus Songs)

Key Take-Aways:

  • Truck driving songs are a beloved genre that appeals to everyone, not just truckers.
  • These songs range from humorous to heartbroken, capturing the unique experiences of truckers on the road.
  • The best trucker songs often top the Billboard charts, showcasing their popularity.

Truck driving songs have captured the hearts and ears of people everywhere, and not just truckers. From the humor-filled tales of life on the road to heartbreak and the lore of CB radios, these songs encompass the full range of emotions and experiences that truckers encounter while driving. They have become so popular that many of them have reached the top of the Billboard charts, proving their widespread appeal. Whether you’re a trucker looking for some new tunes or just a fan of good music, these ten trucker songs are sure to keep you entertained on your next journey.

Top 10 Truck Driving Songs:

  • 1. “Convoy” by C.W. McCall
  • 2. “East Bound and Down” by Jerry Reed
  • 3. “Six Days on the Road” by Dave Dudley
  • 4. “Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)” by Alabama
  • 5. “The Long Haul” by Paul Brandt
  • 6. “Truckin'” by Grateful Dead
  • 7. “Phantom 309” by Red Sovine
  • 8. “White Line Fever” by Merle Haggard
  • 9. “18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses” by Kathy Mattea
  • 10. “Teddy Bear” by Red Sovine

In addition to these top ten classics, here are five bonus trucker songs that are worth adding to your playlist:

Bonus Trucker Songs:

  • 1. “Truck Drivin’ Man” by Buck Owens
  • 2. “Giddyup Go” by Red Sovine
  • 3. “Roll Truck Roll” by Alabama
  • 4. “Queen of the Road” by Boxcar Willie
  • 5. “Me and Bobby McGee” by Kris Kristofferson

So, whether you’re cruising down the highway or just want to tap your foot to some catchy tunes, these trucker songs are the perfect choice. From the iconic “Convoy” to the soulful ballad “Teddy Bear,” these songs will transport you to the world of trucking and leave you wanting more. So roll down your windows, turn up the volume, and hit the road with these toe-tapping classics. Happy trucking!

Hot Take:

Trucker songs have a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate the hard work and dedication of the trucking industry. They capture the essence of life on the road and remind us of the unique experiences that truckers face every day. So next time you’re behind the wheel, crank up the radio and enjoy the journey with these ten trucker songs. Keep on truckin’!

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