2023 Holiday Schedule and Cut-offs: Plan Ahead for Smooth Operations

2023 Holiday Schedule and Cut-offs

Key Takeaways:

  • Jacksonville, Eddystone, and Cataño have specific holiday receiving cut-offs and facility hours
  • Thanksgiving holiday will result in closures on Thursday and Friday (11/23 and 11/24)
  • Cut-off dates for sail are mentioned for dry and reefer shipments

Odyssey Logistics & Technology has released the 2023 holiday schedule and cut-off dates for Jacksonville, Eddystone, and Cataño. The Thanksgiving holiday will result in the closure of facilities on Thursday and Friday (11/23 and 11/24). For Jacksonville, the cut-off for sail is Tuesday 11/21 at 2 pm for dry shipments and Wednesday 11/22 at noon for reefer shipments. Eddystone and Cataño have their own specific cut-off dates and hours, which can be found in the full article.

It’s important for customers and trucking industry professionals to be aware of these holiday schedules and cut-off dates to ensure smooth operations during the holiday season. Planning ahead and adhering to these schedules will help avoid any delays or disruptions in shipments. As always, Odyssey Logistics & Technology is committed to providing reliable and efficient services to its customers.

Stay informed, plan ahead, and avoid getting caught in the holiday rush!

This blog post has been generated using the information provided in the article:”2023 Holiday Schedule and Cut-offs” by “Alyssa Ruddy”.

Check it out at: https://www.odysseylogistics.com/caribbean-holiday-schedule/.

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