Revamp Your Heavy-Duty Fleet with the Right Battery Choice

Key Take-Aways: Experts will discuss divergent battery needs for heavy-duty fleets. The webinar will cover different types of batteries and why their selection is important. Attendees will learn how a poor battery selection can negatively impact their vehicles. Are you tired of your heavy-duty fleet’s batteries not living up to expectations? Well, worry no more! […]

Clarience Expands Road Ready Light Out Detection System to Include Every Trailer Type

Clarience Expands Road Ready Light Out Detection System to Include Every Trailer Type Key Takeaways: Clarience, a leading provider of innovative safety solutions for the trucking industry, has announced the introduction of a new configuration option for its Road Ready Light Out Detection System. The new in-line configuration option expands the coverage of the system, […]

Mack Trucks Introduces Revolutionary Fleet Management Portal for Connected Trucks

Key Take-Aways: Mack Trucks introduces fleet management portal for connected trucks Mack Trucks provides economic and industry insights at ATA conference Mack Trucks, a leading manufacturer of trucks, has announced the launch of a new fleet management portal for its connected trucks. The portal offers advanced features and tools to help fleet operators effectively manage […]

Finding Success in the Trucking Industry: Lessons from Convoy’s Journey

Finding Success in the Trucking Industry: A Rollercoaster Ride for Convoy Key Take-Aways: • Convoy, a digital freight-matching startup, is shutting down its core business. • The company struggled to keep up with the rapid changes in the trucking industry. • Convoy’s closure raises questions about the viability of digital freight-matching platforms. Convoy, a once-promising […]

Private and Public Vo-Tech Schools Boost Enrollment and Completion Rates for the Trucking Industry

Private and Public Vo-Tech Schools Discuss Enrollment and Completion Rates Key Take-Aways: Vo-Tech schools focus on enrollment and completion rates Employers look for ways to attract and retain skilled technicians Collaboration between private and public vo-tech schools is necessary for success Vo-Tech schools, both private and public, have been prioritizing discussions around enrollment and completion […]

Navistar Introduces Last ICE Engine: Embracing Electric and Alternative Fuel Technologies

Navistar Introduces Last ICE Engine Production Key Takeaways: Navistar’s Huntsville plant in Alabama has begun production of the new International S13 integrated powertrain. The International S13 will be the last internal combustion engine (ICE) engine produced by Navistar. This marks a significant shift towards electric and alternative fuel technologies in the trucking industry. Navistar’s Huntsville, […]

Marten Transport: Decline in Revenue and Earnings Amid Challenging Market Conditions

Marten Transport Faces Decline in Revenue and Earnings Amid Challenging Market Conditions Key Take-Aways: Marten Transport reports a decline in revenue and earnings during the third quarter The trucking company attributes the decline to challenging market conditions The industry as a whole is facing tough times, with increased competition and rising costs Marten Transport, a […]

Autonomous Trucks: Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry for Road Safety and Job Opportunities

Key Take-Aways: Autonomous trucks have the potential to enhance road safety. Industry partners believe this technology can create better job opportunities for drivers. Autonomous truck developers are optimistic about the future of this technology. Autonomous trucks have been making waves in the trucking industry, with developers and their partners seeing immense potential in this technology. […]


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