Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Temporarily Suspends Excise Tax on Diesel and Gasoline to Provide Relief from Inflation

Key Takeaways:

  • Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has temporarily suspended the excise tax on diesel and gasoline.
  • The suspension is aimed at helping residents cope with the high levels of inflation.
  • The tax suspension will be in effect until October 12, providing some relief to Georgia residents.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has taken a step to alleviate the burden of “rampant inflation” on his state’s residents. By suspending the excise tax on diesel and gasoline, Kemp hopes to provide some relief to the people of Georgia. The suspension will remain in effect until October 12, allowing residents to save money while they face the challenges of rising prices.

This move by Gov. Kemp shows his commitment to supporting the people of Georgia during these difficult times. By temporarily lifting the tax burden on fuel, he aims to help alleviate the financial strain caused by inflation. This decision will provide some much-needed relief to residents who are feeling the pinch of rising prices at the pump.

A Welcomed Respite in Times of Inflation

Georgia residents can breathe a temporary sigh of relief as Gov. Kemp suspends the excise tax on diesel and gas. With inflation rates soaring to a 40-year high, every bit of relief counts. While this measure may be a short-term solution, it demonstrates the government’s recognition of the struggles faced by its citizens. As the economy and inflation continue to fluctuate, the hope is that measures like these can help ease the burden on hardworking Georgians.

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