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LITE-CHECK, provides State-of-the-Art, Customizable, Scalable, Secure, and Integrated, Software & Hardware Vehicle System Solutions; for Diagnostic & Testing, of Industry & Government Transportation Fleets to Optimize Operational, Management, & Reporting Requirements.

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Veteran-Owned Business, HUBZone Certified

Cage Code: 86TA9
NAICS Codes: 334515;
334513; 611420; 541420;
334111; 541511; 541330;
423120; 336999

Increased Accuracy & Reliability

Single Operator Capability

Reduction in Required Manpower & Diagnostic Test Time

Robust Quality

What makes us different

Flexible and Customizable Fleet Testing Solutions

Multiple Levels of Testing

Full Remote-Control Operation

Scalable Data Storage Options

GSA Contract

Specifically designed and priced for Government Agencies

This GSA contract is open to any government agency operating standard commercial vehicles – post office, energy companies, forestry department, HUD, etc.

the VERIFIER 1020G is specifically designed and priced for Government Agencies

Simplified Vehicle Diagnostics

A single technician can complete a thorough DOT trailer inspection including advanced ABS, electrical, lights, air, and brakes, in less than 30 minutes.

Real-time on-demand data

Inspection report data is visible to managers immediately upon submission. Configurable reports can be generated on demand to identify any and all issues.

Secure cloud storage & access 24/7

All data submitted through the VERIFIER system is stored securely in the cloud. Data can be viewed and downloaded from any PC, tablet, or smartphone with internet.

Streamlined consistent results

The VERIFIER system provides organizations the ability to create consistent reports, inspections, and repairs, even between multiple shops.

Military Tactical Vehicle Tester 810.1

Specifically designed and priced for Government Agencies

All-in-one diagnostic system tests MILSPEC/NATO tactical and commercial fleets according to North American Vehicle Standards.


Perform full diagnostics of the electrical and lighting systems in a matter of minutes. Automatic circuit fault detection eliminates the guesswork from the electrical repair process.


Perform an individual Airbrake leak-down test on both the Emergency Air & Service Air supplies. Apply the air brakes using only one technician with the remote control.


Perform complete diagnostics of the PLC ABS system. Once the ABS button on the tester is activated the tester will display what type of ABS unit that is present and then it will automatically search for any faults. All repair procedures are available on the software and are available for review in the onscreen menu.


Verify that the voltage generated by the tractor and view any. amperage spike up and/or down on the tester to ensure the safety of your alternator and the ABS connection between your tractor and trailer.


Each remote or tablet is capable of inspecting lights, applying and releasing brakes, and diagnosing ABS systems allowing shops to reduce both the inspection and repair times by half using one technician to complete each inspection in one trip around the trailer.

Operation Technicians

Technician’s experience benefits in the repeatable inspection process, clear diagnostics, easily shared vehicle data, time save, and the ability to perform follow-up.

Maintenance Supervisors

Managers gain control over preventative maintenance inspection scheduling and processes, fleet visibility, staff management, data reliability and fleet trends.

Senior Leadership

Decision makers gain insights into fleet health, costs, employee performance, pro-active parts management and ability to access fleet status reports, and maintenance risk reduction.

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