In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by Bob Blair, LITE-CHECK’s Founder and CEO, to discuss innovative state-of-the-art vehicle system solutions used for diagnostics and testing of industry and government fleets to improve operations, management, and to fulfill reporting requirements. We learn about the great tools that LITE-CHECK offers as Bob explains how they help increase accuracy and reliability while reducing manpower and diagnostic test time.

Bob gives us an in-depth overview of what LITE-CHECK’s products are capable of. For example, the appropriate unit is hooked up to do a trailer inspection allowing for either an independent diagnosis or by conducting a verified and recognizable DOT report, containing protected cloud-based data, photos, etc. which are collected automatically during the process. Such data then enables companies to view the data so they can keep track of all repairs that have been done across their entire fleet. The DOT report can be obtained as hard data that shows voltage and amperage of each circuit and air loss to 1/10th of a pound per minute. When these reports are requested, fleets are then able to quickly deliver them in file form.

Tyler and Bob wrap up this episode with a mention of working together in the future. You’ll definitely want to subscribe and stay tuned.

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