Peterbilt & Hendrickson Collaborate for Advanced Primaax EX Suspension System

Peterbilt Introduces Hendrickson Primaax EX Suspension for Heavy-Duty Applications

Key Take-Aways:

  • Peterbilt has partnered with Hendrickson to introduce the Primaax EX air suspension system for severe-duty vocational use in trucks.
  • The suspension system is specifically designed to withstand the demands of heavy-haul applications.
  • The Primaax EX provides an enhanced ride quality and improved stability, ensuring a smooth and safe experience for truck drivers.

Peterbilt, the renowned truck manufacturer, has joined forces with Hendrickson to bring truck drivers an innovative solution for heavy-duty applications. The newly introduced Primaax EX suspension system is designed to meet the demanding needs of severe-duty vocational and heavy-haul trucks. This partnership aims to deliver a superior ride quality and improved stability for truck drivers operating in tough conditions.

The Primaax EX suspension system provides several benefits to truck drivers. It offers increased durability and a more comfortable ride, reducing driver fatigue. With enhanced stability, truck drivers can confidently navigate challenging terrains. Additionally, the suspension system’s robust design ensures the longevity of the truck, minimizing maintenance costs and downtime. Peterbilt’s collaboration with Hendrickson demonstrates their commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that improves performance and safety in the trucking industry.

In summary, Peterbilt’s partnership with Hendrickson has resulted in the introduction of the Primaax EX suspension system that is specifically designed to withstand the demands of severe-duty vocational and heavy-haul applications. This collaboration highlights Peterbilt’s dedication to using innovative solutions to deliver a superior experience to truck drivers. The Primaax EX suspension system offers enhanced ride quality, improved stability, and increased durability, ensuring that truck drivers can cruise the roads with confidence.

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