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Verifier Inspection Software

Providing Everything You Need For Your Operation

Complete Control Of Your Fleet Inspections, Status, Maintenance, and Diagnostics

Introducing the Verifier Fleet Maintenance Management Solution.  This system consists of the tablet App and the Verifier Platform management site.  There is optional hardware to improve the diagnostics, speed, and accuracy of the inspection process including; the Trailer Interface, bluetooth Tire Tool, and Shop or Service truck kits.  This system walks technicians through your own customized inspection process, collects diagnostics, photos and notes, along with the inspection items, and sends all data to the platform where inspection results are put into a report format.  All collected data is available for specific reports such as Tire Reports, Technician Performance Reports, Fleet Status, DOT’s and more.  Reports are easily accessed, shared, and available from any internet access point.


Technician Benefits

Technician’s experience benefits in the repeatable inspection process, clear diagnostics, easily shared vehicle data, and in the ability to perform follow-up.

Shop Manager Benefits

Managers gain control over preventative maintenance inspection scheduling and processes, fleet visibility, staff management, and identification of fleet-wide trends.

Executive Benefits

Administrators and executives gain insights into fleet health, employee performance, pro-active parts purchasing and the ability to access fleet status reports.

Verifier Features

Simplified Consistent Process:
  • Fully-Digital Inspection + Reporting System

  • DOT Certified + Exceeds TMC Standards

  • Real-Time Data + Reports 24/7/365

  • Monitor Fleet Status, History, Road Ready and Out Of Service Reports

  • Customize Personalized Brake, ABS, Lighting and Tire Inspections

  • Tire Testing Inspection Program

  • Manage Technicians + Workflow 

  • Print, Download and Share Inspection Reports