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Verifier Software

Are you tired of handwritten DOT reports?

This system consists of the a trailer interface tool and tire probe/pressure tool that are controlled by and communicate with a tablet with up to 150′ of range. This system walks technicians through the inspection process and sends all collected data to the cloud where inspection results and collected data can be archived, accessed, printed, and analyzed.


With our Solutions, technicians are able to make recommendations to management about needed repairs, services, or downtime.


Being able to track and monitor your trailer's history provides technicians with the benefit of knowledge and foresight into any potential issues.


When technicians have more information about the ABS, electrical circuits, and brake application, they can find the small faults before they become major issues.

Simplified Vehicle Diagnostics

A single technician can complete a thorough DOT trailer inspection including advanced ABS, electrical, lights, air, and brakes, in less than 30 minutes.

Real-time on-demand data

Inspection report data is visible to managers immediately upon submission. Configurable reports can be generated on demand to identify any and all issues.

Secure cloud storage & access 24/7

All data submitted through the VERIFIER system is stored securely in the cloud. Data can be viewed and downloaded from any PC, tablet, or smartphone on the internet.

Streamlined consistent results

The VERIFIER system provides organizations with the ability to create consistent reports, inspections, and repairs – even between multiple shops.

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The Inspector 930

The Inspector 930 trailer tester is a complete, all-in-one trailer diagnostic system

The Inspector 930 trailer tester is a complete, all-in-one trailer diagnostic system which simplifies ABS, brakes, air, lights, and electrical testing. It provides the ability for a single technician to perform a full inspection in one trip around the trailer.

The INSPECTOR 930 tests ABS, brakes, lights, air, and electrical. Our diagnostic trailer tester removes all of the guesswork from trailer repairs.

This next generation trailer tester with clear and accurate digital diagnostic messages, requires minimum training. It automates the 3-step ABS process, which drastically cuts down ABS troubleshooting time.

All post 2001 PLC ABS codes are included with the INSPECTOR along with the latest roll stability codes from the leading manufacturers. This incorporation combines multiple operations and tools into a single simple process. The INSPECTOR automatically identifies the ABS ECU, any issues, and displays manufacturer recommended repairs in a simple four-line textual display. This eliminates the need to read blink codes and flip through numerous manuals to determine what the problem may be and what the recommended fix is.





Certifier 1200

End-of-line tester for 121 timing, electrical, air, ABS reporting

Drastically reduce warranty costs and testing time with one tool while increasing customer satisfaction by providing consistent and reliable production and inspection results.


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