The Pros and Cons of Truck Tolling: Plate vs Transponder

Key Takeaways:

– Tolling by plate systems can lead to errors and delays in toll billing.
– Using transponders for tolling is more accurate and cost-effective.
– The whitepaper by PrePass provides further insights into the pros and cons of truck tolling by plate.


According to a new whitepaper titled “The Pros and Cons of Truck Tolling by Plate” by PrePass, relying on toll booth plate reads for tolling purposes may result in overpaying. The whitepaper highlights the common occurrences of errors and delays in toll billing when using toll by plate systems. These errors can end up costing companies extra money. On the other hand, the whitepaper suggests that tolling by transponder is a more accurate and cost-effective method. Transponders ensure reliable toll billing and help avoid unnecessary expenses. For more detailed information and insights into the advantages and disadvantages of truck tolling by plate, the whitepaper by PrePass can be consulted.

Closing paragraph:

In the world of trucking, every penny saved counts. So why rely on toll by plate systems that are prone to errors and delays in toll billing? The smarter choice is to switch to tolling by transponder, which not only guarantees accuracy but also saves money. Don’t let your fleet fall into the trap of overpaying for tolls. Upgrade to the more reliable and cost-effective option today and watch your savings pile up like a holy mountain.

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