Tri-gen Technology: Revolutionizing Trucking Industry Efficiency

Tri-gen Technology: Revolutionizing Trucking Industry Efficiency

Key Take-Aways:

  • Tri-gen technology to be implemented at Toyota Logistic Services (TLS) Long Beach.
  • TLS Long Beach will become the first port vehicle processing facility with tri-gen technology.
  • Tri-gen technology reduces environmental impact and improves operational efficiency.

To combat the increasing challenges faced by the trucking industry, Toyota Logistic Services (TLS) Long Beach has announced its plan to implement tri-gen technology at their port vehicle processing facility. This move will make TLS Long Beach the first of its kind in the industry to adopt this innovative technology. Tri-gen technology not only focuses on reducing the overall environmental impact but also significantly enhances operational efficiency in the trucking industry.

Tri-gen technology, also known as tri-generation or combined heat, power, and cooling (CHPC), is a cutting-edge approach that provides electricity, heating, and cooling capabilities all in one system. By utilizing this technology, TLS Long Beach will not only generate power but will also produce heating and cooling using waste heat recovery, resulting in a more sustainable and efficient operation.

By reducing the reliance on external sources for electricity and thermal energy, TLS Long Beach will significantly decrease its carbon footprint and thermal emissions. Additionally, the implementation of tri-gen technology will enhance the overall operational efficiency of the facility, leading to cost savings and better resource management.


The introduction of tri-gen technology at Toyota Logistic Services (TLS) Long Beach marks a significant milestone in the trucking industry. As the first port vehicle processing facility to adopt this innovative approach, TLS Long Beach is showcasing its commitment to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. This bold move sets an example for other companies in the industry to follow and signals a positive shift towards greener and more efficient trucking practices. With tri-gen technology leading the way, the trucking industry can embrace a future that is not only economically viable but also good for the planet.

This blog post has been generated using the information provided in the article:”Toyota unleashes ‘100% renewable energy’ system at its port operations” by “CCJ Staff”.

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